Place, Health and Wellbeing

The Place Programme supports the role of local government in the delivery of Scotland's public health priorities

We work closely with Public Health Scotland and other health practitioners on the whole system delivery of all six public health priorities: particularly the Place priority.

Spatial Planning, Health and Wellbeing Collaboration

We are a founding member of the Spatial Planning, Health and Wellbeing Collaborative Group progressing closer working between health and spatial planning practitioners on place and place-making. Representatives from Public Health Scotland, Directors of Public Health, Heads of Planning Scotland, COSLA, Health Improvement Managers and Edinburgh University are combining our expertise and evidence to:

  • articulate the consistent aspects of every place that enable health and wellbeing into a set of place, health and wellbeing themes
  • combine our evidence and expertise to inform national policy, particularly National Planning Framework 4, on the need for each theme to be given consistent national support when assessing the impact of place on health and well-being
  • inform the Scottish Government ambition to embed 20 minute neighbourhoods including a rapid assessment with City of Edinburgh Council
  • determine how to embed and broaden links between planning and health practitioners. Scoping out the feasibility of Public Health Scotland becoming the consultation authority on population health matters, to support turning evidence on delivering healthy places into practice.

For further details on any of the above contact Irene Beautyman, Planning for Place Programme Manager

Irene Beautyman - Planning for Place Programme Manager