Collaborative Procurement

Following engagement with Roads Authorities, a clear appetite for procurement on a more collaborative basis is evident, building upon the increasing use of Scotland Excel procurement opportunities.

Additionally, a desire to extend locally-developed framework contracts on a wider regional or national basis is evident, with strong views in authorities currently utilising these frameworks that there are significant savings to be gained. Plus there is an opportunity to benefit from utilising frameworks that allow local suppliers to tender on an equal basis to large suppliers.

The Collaborative Procurement Project aims to inform the future direction of travel for collaborative procurement in the roads sector, whilst also supporting the roll-out of locally developed frameworks to the benefit of local authorities, by developing awareness and understanding of the frameworks and the benefits they potentially offer. An example of this is the Ayrshire Minor Works Framework.

Joining up procurement to maximise value and reduce waste in the form of multiple procurements fits well with the recommendations of the Option 30 Report.

Engagement with local authorities has shown that there is a desire to increase and improve existing co-ordination and communication regarding procurement practices across local authority roads services to help identify areas where there would be clear benefits in collaboration. This should dovetail into the development strategy for Scotland Excel.  In doing so, it is hoped that roads authorities will have a greater opportunity to compare contract and procurement performance to define best value and best practice.

The benefits of a more co-ordinated approach to procurement are:

  • Reduced duplication - fewer tendering processes being run across the country
  • Benefits from economies of scale and increased buying-power
  • Adoption of best practice so tenders deliver better value
  • Intelligent Client - increased market intelligence and better performance measures by having more information available across the country for comparison, again driving best value and potentially resolving geographical variances in cost and quality

Engagement with Scotland Excel is now well established. Existing national construction-related contracts have been explored and advice provided to Excel to assist with their strategic and technical planning.

We are working with the Ayrshire Roads Alliance and other authorities to roll-out their Minor Works Framework to all roads authorities.