Vision Statement

The vision statement reflects the desired future of roads services in Scotland following a successful delivery of the Roads Collaboration Programme.

"Scotland has a resilient and sustainable roads service that is effectively managed at local and national level, delivered collaboratively among 33 roads authorities on a local, regional or national basis, ensuring the optimum use of resources to drive efficiencies.

Roads officers across all authorities engage in regular dialogue on the most efficient options for delivering services collaboratively, continually reviewing performance and success to demonstrate a continuous improvement and best value approach with a focus on successful outcomes for Scotland's communities.

Delivery of roads services on a collaborative basis meets the recommendations from the National Roads Maintenance Review and demonstrates improved outcomes in roads maintenance.

Roads authority officers, local authority senior management and elected members accept and support a 'sharing by default' position to delivering roads services and support an approach to establishing collaborative work that is based on there being a suitable governance body established prior to operational design."