Data Services

Want to make more sense of your data to help redesign services and set local priorities?

Have gaps in your data? Need some data expertise or help with data tools?

Want to access other data sources?

Need help joining up your customer data?

The Improvement Service offers several products and services to help you make the best use of your data.

These can be combined with external data sources to produce intelligence which can assist with the targeting of preventative work to redesign public services for the future.

We offer practical support to councils and their partners, helping them extract knowledge and insight from their own data, mixed with access to other datasets.

We support building sustainable capacity for data services for Scottish local government in the 21st century.

How we can help

Data Discovery

We can help you identify your data requirements and point you in the direction of relevant sources. We pull together data from councils and make them accessible on a national basis.

Examples of our products/services:

  • Local Government Benchmarking Framework - brings together a wide range of information about how all Scottish councils perform in delivering services to local communities.
  • Community Planning Outcomes Profile – a tool to help you assess if the lives of people in your community are improving. It contains measures of life outcomes across early years, older people, safer/stroner communities, health and wellbeing and engagement with local communities.
  • Data Brokering – we can help you access other data sets
  • Training – We can help you improve your data skills
  • Spatial Hub – making spatial information available nationally

Data Improvement and Analysis

We have the experience and tools to help you make your data more useful. This can include help with data matching and cleansing.

Examples of our products/services:

  • Data Hub – Our award-winning data cleansing and address matching tool
  • Research – Our research team specialises in complex research projects
  • Software – we use software and coding languages such as R, Shiny, Power BI, Python, QGIS, CKAN, Geoserver and FME to manage and transform data

Data Presentation and Visualisation

We have experience of presenting data in a meaningful way to assist with decision-making.

Examples of our products/services:

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