Analysis of Social Return on Investment of co-locating advice workers

The IS, in partnership with NHS Lothian, Dundee City Council and Granton Information Centre, carried out a  Social Return on Investment analysis on the co-location of advice workers in medical practices. It found that every £1 invested in the co-location of advice workers would generate around £39 in social and economic benefits.

The analysis identified, measured and valued a wide range of benefits by talking directly to the people most affected. These included:

  • Service users said that they experienced improved health and wellbeing, felt less stigmatised, and had better and earlier access to services
  • Medical practice staff are able to make better use of their time and to focus on medical interventions
  • Medical practices are able to deliver more cost-effective services
  • Advisors state that they have improved productivity and the number of appeals and on-going work is reduced
  • Funders were able to target resources at priority groups.

Download the report: Forecast Social Return on Investment Analysis on the Co-location of Advice Workers with Consensual Access to Individual Medical Records in Medical Practices

Karen Carrick - Evaluation Manager