Upcoming developments

The Improvement Service operates and manages the myaccount service - which is Scottish Government-funded – and it builds on our previous experience of developing and managing the National Entitlement Card and Citizen’s Account since 2006.

Formerly known as the Citizen’s Account, as well as a re-badging of its name, the myaccount service’s technology has undergone a comprehensive refresh, introducing new features and functionality in its wake.

In August 2018, “next generation” contracts for myaccount and digital public services were awarded to four technology partners to further develop myaccount and its platform for digital public services. The new contracts will help myaccount maintain current services while developing new technologies and innovations to help meet emerging and future needs.

This included the migration of the system to the next generation of cloud, providing much more flexibility and capacity to provide our customers with innovative, streamlined citizen-centric services.

The new contracts also includes innovative pathfinders looking at developing verified digital identities, and testing out opportunities and applications for blockchain technologies.

Stay tuned for our innovation plans and roadmap.

Digital Public Services Team