Enabling & creating a digital relationship between parents, pupils and schools

Parents across the country are well used to the school bag run of information between the school and themselves, regarding their child’s education. This can include forms for trips, annual data check forms, consent forms, appointments for parents’ evenings, and notifications about school events. has been developed to create a digital relationship between parents, pupils, and schools, replacing the traditional school bag run. This digital approach has been developed to improve the way in which school engage with parents.

A parent can sign in using a single sign in approach (powered by the myaccount service), enabling them to view information about their child’s education, pay for school meals and in time, update their own data, and process a school placing request.

As well as making things easier for parents, has been developed to support broader strategic outcomes:

  • Drive to increase attainment levels and parental engagement
  • Tackle poverty and inequality
  • Expansion of Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland has been jointly developed by the Improvement Service (IS) and SEEMiS, the education information management provider. At the heart of the system is a secure online account which links each parent/carer to their child and education.

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Research was carried out by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Improvement Service and SEEMiS Group to gauge demand for, and acceptance of, an online service to co-ordinate communications between schools and parents. The report also contains a number of recommendations for the development and functionality of a parents' portal. Download the presentation of full report or the summary findings.

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