What is the Knowledge Hub (KHub)?

Knowledge Hub (KHub) is the UK’s largest public service collaboration platform. It’s the place where people working across public services go to exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas on how to improve services, and create connections with peers and experts in a secure environment.

The Improvement Service is working with the provider of Knowledge Hub (KHub), to offer access to the platform to all Scottish public service organisations and support them in its use.

What can I do with Knowledge Hub?

It offers you the opportunity to:

  • collaborate in groups around particular themes or projects
  • connect with colleagues across the public sector and beyond and follow their activity
  • share and discuss ideas
  • enhance your expertise
  • discover more efficient working practices
  • be inspired to develop more innovative ways of working

Why use Knowledge Hub?

  • Discover knowledge to help you do your job.
  • Connect with people like you and experts to network with.
  • Save time and money.
  • Generate and incubate ideas to drive improvement.
  • Raise your profile and that of your organisation.

Get started on Knowledge Hub

You can get started today by registering on the site. Minimal information is needed to register.

Further information

If you’re thinking of creating a group, but would like to talk to someone first, or just want more information, contact us on

Mike McLean - Programme Manager, Knowledge Management and Communications
John Mitchell - Knowledge Management Project Manager, Money Guiders Network - Scotland