Getting the most out of Knowledge Hub

We regularly update this page with advice and tips on making the most of Knowledge Hub so please check back again.

Your KHub Profile

Knowledge Hub (KHub) is now the UK’s largest online public sector collaboration platform.

How can you make sure you are visible in such a vast number of members?

One way is to complete your KHub profile.

Having a complete profile lets other members see who you are, helps to build trust and can help other participants ‘put a name to a face’.

The KHub platform can also use the information in your profile to suggest content that may be of interest to you.

So how do you edit your profile?

This short video explains how to edit your profile and the main elements of it, from amending your login details, adding social media account names and changing your profile picture to setting your privacy options to control who sees what in your profile.

My Profile on Knowledge Hub
Mike McLean - Programme Manager, Knowledge & Collaboration
Kristoffer Boesen - Communications Project Manager