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Community Planning Benchmarking Framework

Community Planning Outcomes Profile - The Measures

Below is a list of the measures used within the Community Planning Outcomes Profile.


The criteria used to shortlist the measures were:


  • policy salience and relevance for prevention, outcome improvement and inequality reduction
  • localness
  • timeliness and longevity
  • create either a basis for action or provide context within
Life Outcome Measure
Early Years
Children have the best start in life, so that they have equal opportunities to succeed.

Children are safe and nurtured, and have the life skills, confidence and opportunities to reach their potential.

Young people are ready for life and work.
1. Percentage of babies at healthy birth weight

2. Body Mass Index (BMI) of Primary 1 school children

3. S4 tariff score

4. Percentage of school leavers in positive and sustained destinations
Older People
Older people are independent for longer and able to stay in their own homes as long as they wish. 5. Emergency hospital admissions per 100,000 population (65+)
Employment and Economic Growth
Employment opportunities for all.

People have satisfying, secure and suitable work.

People live in a community with a thriving, expanding economy.

People have the means to support themselves and their families with a standard of living that enables them to participate in society after paying all necessary bills.
6. Employment rate

7. Median earnings for residents in local authority area who are employed

8. Percentage of population (aged 16-64) in receipt of out-of-work benefits

9. Percentage of children in poverty

10. Survival of newly-born enterprises (3 year survival)
Safer and Stronger Communities
People live in resilient, responsible and safe communities.
People in vulnerable circumstances are protected.

Community and public understand the role/place of public services.

People feel engaged and feel they can influence their community.

People do not feel isolated or lonely.
11. Rate of recorded crimes per 10,000 population

12. Total dwelling fires per 100,000 population
Health and Wellbeing
People live happy and healthy lives with a healthy life expectancy.

People who need care are supported to live independently and confidently.

Positive end of life
13. Mortality rates per 100,000 for people aged under 75 in Scotland

14. Average score on the short version of the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (SWEMWBS)

15. Unplanned emergency hospital attendances
People live in attractive, welcoming environments.
People take pride in and look after their environment.
16. Carbon emissions per capita


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