Our Staff

Find contact details for all Improvement Service staff below.

  • Nathan Atkinson
    Spatial Information Service Developer
    Email Nathan

    Sylvia Baikie
    National Co-ordinator - Local Child Poverty Action Reports
    Email Sylvia

    Andrea Balogh
    Graduate Assistant
    Tel. 01506 281647
    Email Andrea

    David Barr
    Project Manager, Organisational Development
    Tel. 01506 283778
    Email David

    Irene Beautyman
    Planning for Place Programme Manager
    Tel. 07908 930763
    Email Irene

    Thomas Boyle
    Project Officer, PSIF
    Tel. 01506 283782
    Email Thomas

    David Braid
    Lead Business Analyst (based at East Lothian Council)
    Tel. 01620 820130
    Mob. 07890 633515
    Email David 

    Martin Brown
    Head of Business Development, myaccount
    Tel. 01506 283824
    Email Martin

    Megan Brown
    Administrative Officer
    Tel. 07789 271434
    Email Megan

    Steve Cairns
    Improvement Officer (based at East Lothian Council)
    Tel: 07583 121538
    Email Steve

    Andrew Campbell
    Programme Manager, Digital Public Services
    Tel. 07766 443459
    Email Andrew

    Karen Carrick
    Evaluation Manager
    Tel. 01506 283566
    Email Karen

    Nicholas Cassidy
    Research Officer
    Tel. 01506 283775
    Email Nicholas

    Audrey Clark
    HR Advisor
    Email Audrey 

    Alison Clark-Dick
    Communications Officer
    Tel. 01506 281179
    Email Alison

    Robert Clubb
    Solutions Architecture Manager
    Tel. 01506 283792
    Email Robert

    Malcolm Comerford
    Tel. 01506 283789
    Email Malcolm

    Cara Connachan
    Research Officer
    Tel. 01506 283796
    Email Cara

    Brian Davey
    Communications Officer, Community Councils
    Tel. 01506 281180
    Email Brian

    Jillian Edwardson
    Senior Service Analyst, Digital Public Services
    Tel. 01506 283783
    Email Jillian

    Mark Everett
    Service Analyst, Digital Public Services
    Tel. 01506 283945
    Email Mark

  • Sarah Gadsden
    Chief Executive
    Tel. 01506 283826
    Mob: 07901 513186
    Email Sarah

    Roger Garbett
    National Street Gazetteer Custodian
    Email Roger

    Daniel Glennie
    Security Officer, Digital Public Services
    Tel. 01506 283846
    Email Daniel

    Fiona Gray
    Digital Public Services Project Manager
    Tel: 01506 283814 or 07824 548418
    Email Fiona

    Dominic Greenslade
    Spatial Information Project Officer
    Email Dominic

    Adam Hall
    Business Analyst
    Tel. 01506 282879
    Email Adam

    Will Hensman
    Spatial Information Project Manager (Land & Property)
    Tel. 07855 837278
    Email Will

    Loraine Higgins
    Head of Corporate & Business Services
    Tel. 01506 283805
    Email Loraine

    Margaret Ho
    Change and Business Analysis Officer
    Tel. 07825 431719
    Email Margaret

    Dave Hunt
    Programme Manager, Transformation (based at Clackmannanshire Council
    Tel. 01259 452033
    Email Dave

    Avais Ijaz
    One Scotland Gazetteer Project Manager
    Email Avais

    Laura James
    Project Manager - Violence Against Women
    Tel. 07767 248653
    Email Laura

    Louise Jenkins
    Content Editor
    Tel. 01506 283771
    Email Louise

    Lisa Kennedy
    Business Analyst
    Tel. 01506 283793
    Email Lisa

    Samantha Keogh
    Project Officer, Violence Against Women
    Email Samantha

    Judi Kilgallon
    Climate Change Project Manager

    Gavin Leask
    Project Manager, Benchmarking
    Tel. 01506 281778
    Mob. 07748007872
    Email Gavin 

    Emily Lynch
    Programme Manager, Performance Management & Benchmarking
    Tel. 07747 711310
    Email Emily

    Angela Mairs
    Administrative and Facilities Officer
    Tel. 01506 283790
    Email Angela

    Martin MacKinnon
    Digital Services Manager
    Tel. 01506 283835
    Email Martin

    Gerard McCormack
    Head of Transformation, Performance and Improvement
    Tel: 07584 217122
    Email Gerard

    Hanna McCulloch
    National Co-ordinator, Local Child Poverty Action Reports
    Tel. 01506 283794
    Email Hanna

    Iain McKay
    Head of Spatial Information
    Email Iain

    Miriam McKenna
    Programme Manager, Transformation, Performance & Improvement
    Email Miriam

    Joanna McLaughlin
    National Violence Against Women Co-ordinator
    Tel. 07825 928726
    Email Joanna

    Mike McLean
    Programme Manager, Knowledge & Collaboration
    Tel. 01506 283774
    Email Mike

    Barry McLeod
    Programme Manager
    Tel. 07824 473467
    Email Barry

    Donna McVeigh
    PA to Chief Executive
    Tel. 01506 283808
    Email Donna

    John Mitchell
    Knowledge Management Project Officer, Early Learning and Childcare Expansion
    Tel. 01506 283804
    Email John

    Trevor Moffat
    Project Officer, Planning Skills
    Tel. 07834 516824
    Email Trevor

  • Mark Nelson
    Assets Project Manager (based at East Lothian Council)
    Email Mark

    Iain Paton
    Project Manager, Spatial Information Programme
    Email Iain

    Mhairi Paterson
    Basic Income Policy Officer
    Email Mhairi

    Emily Petrova
    Project Officer, Change Management
    Tel. 01506 282165
    Email Emily

    Leigh Rennie
    Business Support Officer
    Tel. 01506 283810
    Email Leigh

    Susan Rintoul
    Project Officer, Planning for Place
    Email Susan 

    Alison Ritchie
    Business Support Manager
    Tel. 01506 283800
    Email Alison

    Simon Roberts
    Data and Engagement Strategist, Spatial Information Service
    Email Simon

    Sandra Sankey
    Project Manager, Money Advice
    Tel. 01506 283788
    Email Sandra

    Lynn Sharp
    Communications Officer
    Tel. 01506 283827
    Email Lynn

    Clare Sherry
    Programme Manager, Change Management
    Tel. 01506 283809
    Email Clare

    Pamela Smith
    Employability Partnership Manager
    Tel. 01506 283777
    Email Pamela

    Amanda Spark
    Programme Manager, Organisational Development
    Tel. 07815 732048
    Email Amanda

    Rebecca Spillane
    National Co-ordinator - Local Child Poverty Action Reports
    Email Rebecca

    Fiona Stewart
    Project Support Officer, Organisational Development
    Tel. 01506 283802
    Email Fiona

  • Sam Tennent
    Project Officer, Benchmarking
    Tel. 01506 283838
    Email Sam

    Ester Todorovski
    Benchmarking Graduate Project Assistant
    Tel. 01506 281777

    Cameron Walker
    Head of Operations, myaccount
    Tel. 01506 283823
    Email Cameron

    Paul Weedon
    Scottish Street Gazetteer Custodian
    Tel. 07833 564071
    Email Paul

    Ron Wilkinson
    One Scotland Gazetteer Custodian
    Email Ron

    Hannah Young
    Project Manager, Economic Outcomes Programme
    Tel. 01506 283787
    Email Hannah