Technology Enabled Care (TEC) — Responder Service

In October 2017 the Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care (TEC) team invited the Improvement Service Change Team to input to a national event of TEC colleagues. The TEC network is run by the Scottish Government and includes regular events and workshops to support and grow partnership working.

Following on from the national event in October 2017 and a meeting of the sub group of Telecare Responder Service colleagues, the group had agreed that it would be useful to have a national business case developed which evidenced the need and successes of a responder service but that also pulled together the collective knowledge nationally. The Scottish Government enlisted the support of the Change team to plan an event which would look at building a national business case for the Telecare Responder Service.

Support given

As a starting point, the Change Team working closely with Scottish Government, reviewed existing evidence for the service both at national and local level. This identified a range of reports and analysis work that had taken place to date which could be used to inform a national business case.

The team then worked with Scottish Government to develop an event which was going to build on the needs and feedback received from the group. The group had highlighted the following areas of need:

  • Networking to understand what various agencies were doing in the responder service field.
  • Work together on practical exercises to develop a national business case which can then be used to develop a local business case for response services.

The event had various segments to it with approximately 20 different organisations in attendance ranging from councils/HSCP colleagues; to Police Scotland; Ambulance Service; Scottish Fire and Rescue; Alzheimer’s Scotland; Care Inspectorate; Blackwood Group. There were short sharp presentations from 6 different agencies who all deliver services within the responder service arena. And a more detailed presentation from one of the HSCPs who are currently undertaking a full-scale redesign as part of their change programme - Fit for the Future with one of the workstreams looking in particular at responder services across the area.

To make the national business case into a manageable exercise we organised carousel sessions which split the business case into four elements and allowed all individuals and agencies to move through each section and input into the type of content they were looking for; what they had to share and what would be good to see included.

There was then a second carousel session for participants to prioritise what they were looking for in terms of their local needs.

Then everyone was brought together for a consensus session and to action the next steps.


The event was designed around the needs and requests of the responder service network. In terms of impact, it was about developing and facilitating an event which provided practical learning and development to begin the process of creating a national business case for local need, as well as considering how wide the responder service remit is and understanding how agencies can better work together for the customer.

There was a range of volunteers from different agencies across the network which agreed to take forward the output from the day to produce a national business case by the end of May 2018.

Feedback received on the day;

  • ‘Good approach – thank you.’
  • ‘All very useful, great format.’
  • ‘Table exercises to break topic into manageable chunks.’

Further information

The network will continue to work together to share best practice and learning and ensure they are working together for the best outcomes for the customer.

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