Shetland Customer Journey Mapping and Data Workshop

The Business Analysis team were contacted by the HR team from Shetland Islands Council who were looking to upskill staff through training to help make best use of data in their day-to-day work and to help build evidence based business cases.

Support given

The Business Analysis team offered support in the form of two training sessions, one on data and another on customer journey mapping (CJM), as well providing an ongoing critical friend role for any work produced. The team visited Shetland Islands Council to deliver the CJM workshop with a variety of public sector partners. In the session, participants were given an introduction to CJM, with the chance to practice creating maps. Staff were shown how CJM can help inform and support change within local government and the public sector, and were given tools and templates to take away. A smaller workshop was also held with the HR team on data. Tailored specifically to their team, using examples of data analysis provided in advance, the Business Analysis team delivered training on options for data collection, what and how data can be used when and examples of tools and techniques for presenting data.

Benefits and impact

By opening the CJM workshop to all council and partner staff, there was a good mix of attendees from a variety of teams and organisations. Attendees could think about customer journeys from a different perspective by working together to produce practice maps, something that they may not otherwise have been exposed to in their everyday work. Here is some of the feedback from workshop attendees:

“Easy process to see where we are going wrong.”

“Better understanding of our customers.”

In the data workshop, staff were particularly interested in some of the tools the Business Analysis team use for presenting data. Realising this could also be the case across many councils, the Business Analysis team prepared a webinar on one of these tools, Power BI. Many councils and other public sector organisations tuned in, and the recording is available to view at https://www.

Further information

The Business Analysis team can offer bespoke in-house training upon request but also now have a programme of regional training, which includes customer journey mapping workshops. All training is provided free of charge for local government and their partners. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on the next session or email us to find out more.

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