Local Place Plans for Planners with Planning Aid Scotland
Wed 29th May
2:00pm - 4:00pm
MS Teams
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This session is open to planning staff from local authorities, Key Agencies, and Scottish Government.

The webinar will consider the implications of Local Place Plans (LPP) for planning authorities. LPPs are community-led plans setting out proposals for the development and use of land. Introduced by the 2019 Act, these plans will set out a community’s aspirations for its future development. Once completed and then registered by the planning authority, they are to be taken into account in the preparation of the relevant local development plan.

We will cover:

  • A break down of the planning policy implications for planning services
  • Discussion on interpretations of the intent of circular 1/2022
  • Collaborative working and links to Community Action Plans
  • Promoting LLPs to communities
  • Managing community expectations
  • Examples of how LPPs are being used across the country.