Community Planning Outcomes Profile

What is the profile?

  • A tool to help you assess if the lives of people in your community are improving
  • A set of core measures on important life outcomes including early years, older people, safer/stronger communities, health and wellbeing, and engagement with local communities
  • A consistent basis for measuring outcomes and inequalities of outcome in your area

What does the profile tell you?

  • The overall pattern of outcomes in your area and whether people's lives are improving
  • Whether inequality is increasing or decreasing over time
  • Which communities are faring well below average for your areas and for similar communities across Scotland
  • How different types of communities so in your area and elsewhere in Scotland, creating opportunities for learning

How will the profile be used?

To support decision-making by:

  • stimulating discussion amongst CP boards, partners and local communities
  • increasing the amount of intelligence available about an area
  • complementing professional judgement and local knowledge

To inform the development of Local Outcomes Improvement Plans

How is this approach different?

  • It brings together measures of outcomes and inequality for all 32 CPPs within one profile - and shows how they change over time
  • It considers outcomes 'in the round' as well as individually, encouraging a focus on vulnerable communities where negative outcomes are clustered
  • It enables partnerships to compare outcomes for their local communities against similar communities across Scotland


Oversight of the Community Planning Outcomes Profile is provided by the Outcome, Evidence and Performance (OEP) Board. The board includes representatives from Scottish Government, SOLACE, NHS, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, What Works Scotland and the third sector.

Emily Lynch - Programme Manager, Performance Management & Benchmarking