PSIF Benchmarking Network

The PSIF Benchmarking Network was established in 2010 by Clackmannanshire Council following recognition that there was an absence of reliable comparative results for PSIF organisations for benchmarking for improvement, particularly for people, customer, and community results.

The work of the network involves undertaking further analysis on results to compare and challenge performance, to look in more detail at the corresponding processes and practices and the way services are managed and delivered.  Only once the intelligence that lies behind the results is considered, does it become easier to identify the differences between organisations, to understand why these occur, and to identify what needs to be done to improve a particular aspect of service delivery.

The network collates its annual results and produces data on a range of people measures. This shows what organisations have achieved in terms of motivating, involving, developing, and valuing their employees. Some organisations were pleasantly surprised to be the benchmark for others as they felt their work in a particular area was still under development, but they have willingly shared their journey with others in the Network.

The indicators used by the PSIF Benchmarking Network are currently under review to ensure these remain relevant and focussed on the key priorities of the network.

Barry McLeod - Programme Manager
Thomas Boyle - Project Officer, PSIF