PSIF Testimonials

Read what some PSIF users have said about the framework.

The PSIF has established a strong culture of continuous improvement in the council which has made us more efficient, effective and customer focused. It has been instrumental to the development of the performance management framework in the council and is used to quality assure service practice and challenge performance and behaviours. It is a critical piece of our planning and improvement approach and integrates fully with annual planning and performance management.

– Council PSIF Lead Officer

Self-assessment is now an established and core component of our improvement framework. All services now have improvement plans that will take already positive performance results and customer service in many areas on to another level. A further benefit is that we now have a comprehensive 'DNA' that is enabling us to better identify key themes in terms of strength and areas for improvement. This invaluable business intelligence is better enabling us to tailor and target our organisational learning and support activity to the areas of greatest impact.

– PSIF Lead Officer

Another positive of the PSIF is that it is easier to communicate with staff that excellence is not a destination - it's an onward journey. There is always room for improvement and through the PSIF, the staff have a vehicle which they can put faith in.

– Council Service Manager

The staff saw that we had listened, we were taking action and making improvements and it won their hearts and minds.

– Council Service Manager

The PSIF is an extremely powerful tool and can make a radical difference to a service and organisation, but only if you approach it with an open and honest mindset. You must be prepared to take action to improve.

– Council Service Manager

The PSIF has been one of the driving forces behind improvement in our organisation. We have assessed our whole service and we are now sharing strengths and implementing improvements that relate to our five Corporate Priorities of People, Community, Response, Environment and Partners. The benefits of all this improvement work are beginning to be recognised.

– Fire and Rescue Service PSIF Lead Officer

The self-evaluation structure of the PSIF means staff are identifying areas for improvement, as opposed to someone telling them what to do. Most of our annual improvement plan now comes from the PSIF team.

– Council Service Manager

Staff involved in the PSIF are really enthusiastic about it and link in with colleagues. When it comes to improving service delivery, there is that group of people who are motivated because they realise why it's happening.

– Council Service Manager
Barry McLeod - Programme Manager
Thomas Boyle - Project Officer, PSIF