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Public Service Improvement Framework - a performance improvement model for public service organisations

Public Service Improvement Framework (PSIF)


Barry McLeod

Programme Manager

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The Public Service Improvement Framework is a performance improvement model using a self-assessment approach which encourages organisations to conduct a comprehensive review of their own activities and results. It promotes a holistic approach to continuous improvement, and is mapped to a number of established organisational improvement tools.


How does it work?

The PSIF provides a framework of key questions to challenge and stimulate performance through a structured process, which is developed to suit organisational needs and drivers.


Through a programme of training, awareness raising and support from the PSIF Implementation Team, PSIF organisations can systematically roll-out a programme of self-assessments throughout their organisation. The self-assessment process enables organisations to identify their strengths and the areas for improvement which will inform annual planning and define improvement initiatives. You will find information based on the experiences of these organisations in our FAQs.


How do you get involved?

The PSIF Partnership is engaging with many public service and third sector organisations, preparing them for future implementation of PSIF.


If you have any enquiries on PSIF or require further information then please contact


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