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myaccount - the secure and easy way to access Scotland's public services online


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Adopted by, among others, City of Edinburgh Council...

myaccount is the simple and secure sign-in service for online public services in Scotland.


It provides people living in Scotland with the ability to set up an online account. And, to use that online account - using a single user name and password if they choose - to access a range of online public services, such as paying council tax or requesting a parking permit, made available by service providers.


For public service providers, myaccount provides a secure and trusted authentication service that is standards-based, easy to integrate and free to use.


myaccount was soft-launched on 14 April 2014. Since then, it has been adopted by City of Edinburgh Council to allow citizens to access its online services securely, and by NHS Scotland to authenticate patients using ‘My Diabetes My Way’, its diabetes patient information portal.


myaccount has also been integrated with the National Entitlement Card Management System used to manage and fulfil National Entitlement Cards. As well as providing access to many public services, the card is used for the two national concessionary travel schemes run by Transport Scotland: one providing free nationwide bus travel to people aged over 60 years and to people with disabilities, and the other, the Young Person’s Scheme, which offers national discounted bus and rail travel to 16 to 18 year olds and young full-time volunteers aged 19-25.


For more information about myaccount, read the FAQs.

“Using the myaccount service for user provisioning and authentication avoids NHS Scotland having to develop similar solutions itself, substantially reducing our development costs and avoiding duplication across the public sector. By partnering with the myaccount service, our login management and administrative support overheads are significantly reduced. Patients also benefit by having a login that is quick and easy to use and maintain.” Dr Scott Cunningham, Technical Consultant, My Diabetes My Way


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