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Tel. 01506 282012

Paige Barclay

Project Officer, Money Advice Outcomes Project

Tel. 01506 203800

Email Paige

David Barr

Project Manager, Organisational Development

Tel. 01506 283778

Email David

Irene Beautyman

Project Manager, Planning Skills

Tel. 01506 283834

Email Irene

Colin Birchenall

Local Government Chief Technology Officer

Email Colin

Martin Brown

Head of Business Development, myaccount

Tel. 01506 283824

Email Martin

Kristoffer Boesen

Media & Communications Officer

Tel. 01506 283819

Email Kristoffer

Thomas Boyle

Project Officer, PSIF

Tel. 01506 283782

Email Thomas

Andrew Campbell

Project Manager, myaccount

Tel. 01506 283863

Email Andrew

Karen Carrick

Project Manager, Money Advice Outcomes Project

Tel. 01506 283566

Email Karen

Nicholas Cassidy

Research Officer

Tel. 01506 283775

Email Nicholas

Robert Clubb

Solutions Architecture Manager

Tel. 01506 283792

Email Robert

Malcolm Comerford


Tel. 01506 283789

Email Malcolm

Hannah Derbyshire

Research Manager

Tel. 01506 283818

Email Hannah

Paul Dowie

Director, Shared Services & myaccount

Tel. 01506 283777

Email Paul

Sarah Gadsden

Director of Strategic Development & Collaboration

Tel. 01506 283826

Email Sarah

Daniel Glennie

Graduate Developer, myaccount

Tel. 01506 283846

Email Daniel

Fiona Gray

Service Analyst, myaccount

Tel. 01506 283814

Email Fiona

Jacqui Greenlees

Project Officer, Benchmarking

Tel. 01506 282012

Email Jacqui

Dominic Greenslade

Spatial Information Project Officer

Tel. 01506 283726

Email Dominic

Will Hensman

Spatial Information Project Manager (Land & Property)

Tel. 01506 283847

Email Will

Loraine Higgins

Head of Corporate & Business Services

Tel. 01506 283805

Email Loraine

Kelly Hunkin

Senior Business Analyst

Tel. 01506 283885

Email Kelly

Louise Jenkins

Web Editor

Tel. 01506 283771

Email Louise

Tanya Kilgower

Project Officer, Tackling Violence Against Women

Tel. 01506 282330

Email Tanya

Emily Lynch

Programme Manager, Benchmarking

Tel. 01506 283811

Email Emily

Martin MacKinnon

Digital Services Manager

Tel. 01506 283835

Email Martin

Colin Mair

Chief Executive

Tel. 01506 283808

Email Colin

Gerard McCormack

Programme Manager, Change Management

Tel. 01506 283850

Email Gerard

Rebecca McDonald

Programme Manager, Change Management

Tel. 01506 283800

Email Rebecca

Andrew McGuire

Head of Improving Outcomes

Tel. 07824 599725

Email Andrew

Iain McKay

Programme Manager, Spatial Information

Tel. 01506 283793

Email Iain

Dot McLaughlin

Programme Manager, Organisational Development

Tel. 01506 283807

Email Dot

Joanna McLaughlin

National Violence Against Women Co-ordinator

Tel. 01506 283785

Email Joanna

Mike McLean

Programme Manager, Knowledge & Collaboration

Tel. 01506 283774

Email Mike

Tina McLelland

Data and Service Manager, myaccount

Tel. 01506 283779

Email Tina

Barry McLeod

Programme Manager

Tel. 01506 283800

Email Barry

Dimitrios Michelakis

Spatial Information Project Officer

Tel. 01506 283800

Email Dimitrios

Shaun Millar

Project Officer, Roads Collaboration Programme

Tel. 01506 283837

Email Shaun

Trevor Moffat

Project Officer, Planning Skills

Tel. 01506 283817

Email Trevor

Scott Moore

Business Analyst

Tel. 01506 283776

Email Scott

Jamie-Leigh Morgan

Facilities & Clerical Assistant

Tel. 01506 283790

Email Jamie-Leigh

Andrew Noble

Programme Manager, Economic Outcomes Programme

Tel. 01506 283794

Email Andrew

Iain Paton

Project Manager, Spatial Information Programme

Tel. 01506 283801

Email Iain

Alison Ritchie

Business Support Assistant

Tel. 01506 283800

Email Alison

Fiona Ritchie

Project Support Officer, Organisational Development

Tel. 01506 283802

Email Fiona

Simon Roberts

Spatial Data Administrator, Spatial Information Service

Tel. 01506 283887

Email Simon

Simon Roudh

Project Officer, Benchmarking

Tel. 01506 283843

Email Simon

Sandra Sankey

Project Manager, Money Advice

Tel. 01506 283788

Email Sandra

Kevin Schenk

Project Officer, Change & Development

Tel. 01506 283833

Email Kevin

Lynn Sharp

Project Officer, Knowledge Management

Tel. 01506 283827

Email Lynn

Clare Sherry

Senior Project Manager, Change Management

Tel. 01506 283809

Email Clare

Sam Tennent

Project Officer, Benchmarking

Tel. 01506 283838

Email Sam

Donna Wallace

PA to Chief Executive

Tel. 01506 283808

Email Donna

Martyn Wallace

Local Government Chief Digital Officer

Email Martyn

Cameron Walker

Business Solutions Manager, myaccount

Tel. 01506 283823

Email Cameron

Ron Wilkinson

One Scotland Gazetteer Custodian

Tel. 01506 283848

Email Ron

Hannah Young

Project Manager, Economic Outcomes Programme

Tel. 01506 283787

Email Hannah

Emilia Zych

Graduate Assistant, E-Learning Design

Tel. 01506 283800

Email Emilia


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