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Planning Skills - learning and development for staff in Scottish planning authorities

Planning Skills Series

The Planning Skills Series addresses learning and development for local authority planning staff.


We work closely with local authorities, Heads of Planning Scotland, Scottish Government, key agencies and the RTPI to identify the priority development needs for planners, and work with stakeholders to provide opportunities and resources to meet those needs.


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About the programme

The Programme was set up in 2006 to support the modernisation of planning through learning and development. It was previously funded by the Scottish Government, although all 34 planning authorities (32 councils and two national park authorities) now contribute to the running of the programme.


The programme is currently focusing on:


  • working with authorities to identify and implement a sustainable approach to skills development
  • promoting a joined-up approach to learning and development and working closely with key agencies and other organisations to maximise available opportunities and avoid duplication
  • working with stakeholders to identify priority development needs and agreeing how best to meet those needs


The approach we take seeks to:


  • utilise existing opportunities and resources, avoiding duplication of action being taken by others
  • make learning and development opportunities accessible to all authorities
  • encourage sharing of learning through organisations
  • provide different types of learning opportunities


If you have any questions or would like to discuss learning opportunities, contact Irene Beautyman or Trevor Moffat.


Irene Beautyman
Planning for Place Programme Manager

Tel. 01506 283834

Email Irene


Trevor Moffat

Project Officer

Tel. 01506 283817

Email Trevor

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