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SLAED Indicators Framework

SLAED Indicators Framework


The SLAED Indicators Framework is a ‘basket’ of measures developed by SLAED with input from the Improvement Service and the Scottish Government. The Framework is used by all Scottish Local Authority Economic Development services to provide a consistent basis for:


  • measuring the economic performance of Councils and highlighting the central role of economic outcomes in the SOA and the prevention agenda;
  • benchmarking comparative performance and identifying areas for potential improvement, where appropriate;
  • assisting and informing ongoing design and delivery of interventions, monitoring effectiveness and delivery towards the overall strategy; and
  • providing SLAED with aggregate data on overall levels of Council economic development activities and outputs.


Key SLAED Documents


SLAED Strategic Plan 2019-22

SLAED’s Strategic Plan for 2019-22 summarises the challenges and priorities for the economic development profession / function in councils and provides an agenda for how SLAED and other Local Government partners will take this forward. As part of our secretariat role, the Improvement Service developed this document and will work with SLAED and others to support its implementation


SLAED Indicators Guidance Document 2018/19

SLAED Indicators Data Return Template 2018/19

SLAED Indicators Framework Report 2017-18

SLAED Indicators Framework Report 2016-17

SLAED Indicators Framework Report 2015-16

SLAED Indicators Framework Report 2014-15

SLAED Indicators Framework Report 2013-14

SLAED Indicators Framework 2018-19


SLAED Indicators Framework 2017-18


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