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Spatial Information Programme - co-ordinating spatial data management across Scotland's local authorities

Spatial Information Service

The Spatial Information Service is part of the Improvement Service. It provides technical support and guidance to improve the management and availability of spatial information owned by Scottish local government. The service is responsible for the development and operational management of the Spatial Hub and the One Scotland Gazetteer.


The service works directly for Scottish local government and collaborates closely with strategic partners to ensure that improved spatial information management increases value to data owners and the wider Scottish community. It keeps the local government community up to date on Scottish, UK and EU legislation and regulation, including INSPIRE, and supports Scottish local government to achieve compliance.


The Spatial Information Service will, in time, centralise the efforts associated with the improvement of spatial information management across local government, resulting in long term efficiency gains and cost savings by using software, systems and methods which are innovative, reliable and of world class excellence. This includes a cloud hosted technical infrastructure built with open source software as well as a portal to allow the upload and download of data.


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