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Tackling Violence Against Women - Support for Elected Members and CPPs


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Elected Member Briefing Notes

Joanna McLaughlin

National Violence Against Women Co-ordinator

Tel. 01506 283785

Email Joanna


Laura James

National Cedar Co-ordinator

Tel. 01506 281334

Email Laura

Violence Against Women is an issue that affects all communities and we want to encourage members to become involved in tackling all forms of violence against women, as well as the attitudes and structures that perpetuate it.


The Improvement Service aims to make sure that elected members and community planning partnerships are up to date with developments and the challenges across Scotland by producing a range of briefings, promoting events, highlighting campaigns and presenting examples where multi-agency partnership working is making a difference in tackling violence against women.


We hope these resources will help to stimulate healthy, positive debate and discussion at a local level.


Guidance and other resources

Violence Against Women and Girls: Primary Prevention Guidance for Community Planning Partnerships

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is extremely harmful to women and children. It can cause severe and long-lasting physical and mental health problems, reduced participation in the workforce, substance abuse, and death.


We must be ready to respond to VAWG when it happens, but we should also work to prevent it from happening in the first place by tackling gender inequality, the root cause of this violence.


Community planning partners have a key role to play in this, both within their own organisations and as members of local strategic partnerships.


The Improvement Service and Zero Tolerance, in partnership with the National Violence Against Women Network, have published guidance that supports local community planning partners to develop effective local strategies and activities to promote and embed gender equality and prevent VAWG from ever occurring.


Please contact the IS Violence Against Women team and Zero Tolerance for more information.


Equally Safe Quality Standards and Performance Framework

The Improvement Service has worked in partnership with the Scottish Government, COSLA and the National VAW Network to develop a set of quality standards and performance indicators for local Violence Against Women Partnerships. They can be used to measure, demonstrate and improve the activities they are undertaking at a local level to address violence against women and girls and the impact this work is having.


Current Briefings

The Gendered Nature of Poverty

Why is Violence Against Women and Girls a Community Justice Issue?

Children, Young People and Domestic Abuse - Impact, Support and Recovery

Why Adopt a Gendered Analysis of Violence and Abuse

Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Engaging Men in Tackling Violence Against Women

Preventing and Eradicating Domestic Abuse


Masterclass Materials

Presentation: Engaging Men in Tackling Violence Against Women


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