Mygovscot myaccount redesigned for easier sign up and use
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mygovscot myaccount, the easy way to access Scottish public services online, has been re-designed with a brand new look, making it easier to sign up for and use the service.

mygovscot myaccount provides people living in Scotland with the ability to set up an online account that can be used across multiple organisations and to access an increasing range of online public services, such as paying council tax, requesting a parking permit, paying for school meals, and applying for benefits or a National Entitlement Card.

As part of the mygovscot myaccount redesign, new features have been introduced to make it easier for new and existing users to set up and log in to their accounts, recover passwords, edit information associated with their accounts and identify the services they have access to. mygovscot myaccount prioritises security and customers can now access different options to increase the security on their account, while the updated password policy is both easier to use and more secure.

mygovscot myaccount was launched in 2014 and there are now 2.35 million people in Scotland signed up to the platform, almost 50% of the eligible population. mygovscot myaccount has 92 integrations with back-office systems across 40 organisations.

All 32 local authorities use for National Entitlement Card applications, which uses mygovscot myaccount authentication, and 17 local authorities use, which again uses mygovscot myaccount for authentication.