Mygovscot myaccount

One account, many uses. The easy way to access Scottish public services online.

With over 2 million account holders, mygovscot myaccount is the simple and secure sign-in service for online public services in Scotland.​

It provides people living in Scotland with the ability to set up an online account that can be used across multiple organisations. mygovscot myaccount can be used to access an increasing range of online public services, such as paying council tax or requesting a parking permit, paying for school meals, or applying for benefits or a National Entitlement Card.

For public service providers, mygovscot myaccount provides secure and trusted authentication and identity verification services that are standards-based, easy to integrate, and free to use.

mygovscot myaccount was launched in 2014 and the number of organisations using it is also continuing to grow. Forty organisations are live with mygovscot myaccount and all 32 councils across Scotland use it to enable their citizens to access online services. Out of the 32 local authorities, 27 have mygovscot myaccount integrated into at least one back-office system, and many councils have multiple integrations.

All 32 local authorities use for National Entitlement Card applications, which uses mygovscot myaccount authentication and identity verification services, and 19 local authorities use, which again uses mygovscot myaccount authentication services.

mygovscot myaccount is offered to organisations as a toolkit, which can be deployed in a variety of configurations to meet their needs and requirements and is proportionate to the services they provide.

mygovscot myaccount is used by multiple organisations that require different levels of authentication and verification. Depending on the requirements of an organisation, mygovscot myaccount can provide tools that will enable the organisation to achieve Good Practice Guide 44 (GPG44) authentication levels and verified identities that meet Good Practice Guide 45 (GPG45) profiles, if required. For example, reporting a missed bin, an unverified account may be deemed suitable. However, a user wishing to access NHS Lothian or My Diabetes My Way, are required to have a verified mygovscot myaccount to enable them to access those services.

mygovscot myaccount services

mygovscot myaccount is based around four services:

Authentication services

mygovscot myaccount provides a variety of authentication options to sign into the service. Some options can be switched on voluntarily by users to make their accounts more secure. Service providers can also request different options should a stronger authentication mechanism be required.

Channel shift

Support online channel shift ambitions by giving service providers the tools to register users for a mygovscot myaccount when they present themselves in person or over the phone. Giving users the ability to then transact online in the future.

Identity verification

A set of tools and business processes to verify the identity of mygovscot myaccount users. Tools include options for users to verify themselves online, as well as tools service providers can consume to verify users face-to-face to the same standards.

Data integrity

Secure notification service for keeping service providers informed of changes in circumstances for their registered users. Enabling service providers to maintain data integrity across their multiple systems.

Digital Public Services Team