mygovscot myaccount used by 50% of the population
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50% of the eligible population have now signed up for mygovscot myaccount, the easy way to access Scottish public services online.

Launched in May 2014 by the Improvement Service and its technology partner Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), mygovscot myaccount is now being used by 2.41 million people in Scotland. Anyone aged 12 and over is eligible to apply for mygovscot myaccount to access a range of public services, including Young Scot membership.

All 32 local authorities use mygovscot myaccount for at least one of their online services, from school payments and Council Tax to applications for the National Entitlement Card scheme, which is best known for providing access to free bus travel for young people, over 60s and those with a disability. mygovscot myaccount has 92 integrations with back-office systems across 40 public sector organisations.

Councillor Katie Hagmann, COSLA Resources spokesperson, said:

“mygovscot myaccount is a great example of how digital solutions can make a real difference to the lives of Scottish people, and to the work of local authorities.

“With 50% of the eligible population now using mygovscot myaccount, the platform is clearly trusted by the public and local government alike to deliver easy access to Scottish public services online.

“There are many more potential uses for a system such as mygovscoyt myaccount within local government and the wider public sector, and I am sure that the number of accounts will continue to increase as councils and others embrace the opportunities that mygovscot myaccount offers.”

mygovscot myaccount recently underwent a redesign, with new features introduced to make it easier for new and existing users to set up and log in to their accounts, recover passwords, edit information associated with their accounts and identify the services they have access to. The platform prioritises security and customers can now access different options to increase the security on their account, while the updated password policy is both easier to use and more secure.