Economic Outcomes Programme

Economic Outcomes Programme Overview Report

This Economic Outcomes Programme Overview Report sets out a highly positive message regarding the major contribution that local authorities make to Scotland’s economy. The work looked beyond traditional economic development interventions to examine opportunities for further enhancing impact via ‘levers’ that typically do not feature explicitly in economic development strategies. The Overview Report focuses on three major corporate economic ‘levers’ that councils control/influence, in terms of their role as major employers, procurers of goods and services, and asset owners.

The report summarises key points that have emerged from the 32 local economic footprint reports, which were produced for each council. The report also highlights a number of areas where there is likely scope for councils to further enhance their positive impact across each of the three 'levers' considered. The SOLACE economic development leads, SLAED, IS and CoSLA have agreed to work collectively to take forward a number of the key issues highlighted in the report.

The economic impact of Scotland's local authorities
The economic impact of Scotland's local authorities.

This infographic shows the contribution that Scotland's councils make to the economy of Scotland. It shows that councils:

  • have an annual income in excess of £15 billion
  • employ 244,000 people
  • spend £7bn each year, most of that within Scotland
  • manage 40,000 physical assets
  • are responsible for a wide range of services that directly impact the economy.
Hannah Young - Project Manager, Economic Outcomes Programme