National Violence Against Women Network

Equally Safe highlights the need for agencies across every area of Scottish life to work together to tackle violence against women and girls.  At a local level, Violence Against Women (VAW) Partnerships are recognised as the key driver for this multi-agency work.

To support this work, the Improvement Service coordinates the National VAW Network which aims to improve the capacity and capability of VAW Partnerships to implement the ambitions set out in Equally Safe at a local level and to support partnerships to engage effectively with community planning processes.

The network brings together VAW Partnership Coordinators/Lead Officers across Scotland and other key stakeholders including the Scottish Government and COSLA to share information, learning and resources and ensure that there is meaningful engagement and a coordinated approach taken on relevant issues.

The network meets six times a year and also has a KHub group where members can connect to each other on an ongoing basis.

Joanna McLaughlin - Programme Manager, Protecting People
Anna Galloway – Project Officer, Protecting People