Welfare Advice and Health Partnerships

The Welfare Advice Service Faciliator (WASF) aims to establish welfare advice and health partnerships within healthcare settings.

The service is hosted by the Improvement Service, which works in collaboration with NHS Scotland and the Scottish Public Health Network to support and implement the partnerships in primary, secondary and other health and social care settings. Funded by the Scottish Government, the initiative assists the embedding of appropriate advice services within existing care pathways.

Welfare reform and austerity are putting health services under undue pressure. Increasingly, health care professionals are dealing with socio-economic problems and the immediate effects of poverty, meaning that they have less time to focus on their patients’ clinical needs. There now exists an extensive body of evidence that proves the integration of advice and health services has extensive benefits for health services, patients and advice services. Independent research and evaluation shows that welfare advice and health partnerships have a positive effect on patient health, reduce the pressure on health services and enable advice agencies to engage with client groups who would otherwise not engage with their services.

The WASF initiative offers advice and support to advice agencies, Health and Social Care Partnerships, and health services interested in developing welfare advice and health partnerships. Please contact Roddy Samson for further information and assistance.

Roddy Samson - Welfare Advice Service Faciliator
Karen Carrick - Evaluation Manager