Planning for Place

The Improvement Service’s Planning for Place Programme provides specific support to councils and their partners to collaborate in place-based approaches to joint planning, resourcing and delivery of places that enable all communities to flourish.

Planning for Place logoWhy place matters?

Scotland faces significant inequalities, while navigating through the social and economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate crisis. We are now faced with an opportunity to create what we call a 'triple win' where our places enhance the wellbeing of our planet and our people while reducing inequalities.

Every place is a different blend of physical, social, and economic characteristics and needs that interact and influence each other. A successful place allows its communities to thrive. We need to ensure that our interventions to improve one of these characteristics don’t have unintended negative consequences on another which will push people further into poverty or negatively impact the planet.

What do we mean by place, placemaking and place-based work?


Place is the geographic area or physical environment where people of different ages, population groups, interests, and identity live, learn, work, socialise and interact. The quality of social relationships and connections within communities and places all impact on health with positive relationships nurturing health and wellbeing.


Placemaking is best understood as the interaction between the physical and economic environment around us and its impact on the people who live, work and learn within that environment (the social environment).  This relationship affects different ages, geographic communities, and population groups in different ways.  Therefore, interventions should be designed in collaboration with public, voluntary, business sectors and communities.

Place-based work

Place-based work is founded on the understanding that health and the right to a healthy and sustainable environment are basic human rights and that the social, economic, and physical environment are building blocks of good health and wellbeing.

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