Planning Skills Programme

The Planning Skills Programme shares the skills, knowledge and behaviours to maximise planning's proactive contribution to delivering the type of places in which people can thrive.

We work with local authorities, Heads of Planning Scotland, Scottish Government, key agencies, the RTPI and other stakeholders to deliver and co-ordinate the following:

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Places, People and Planning: A consultation on the future of the Scottish planning system

A review of Scotland’s planning system was launched in 2015. An independent panel reviewed the system and made a number of recommendations. There have been two rounds of consultation: Places, People and Planning – published in January – and an updated position statement in June.

Scottish Government's proposed legislative changes to the planning system were subsequently published in the Planning (Scotland) Bill at the end of 2017. The Bill now sits with the Scottish Parliament for debate and scrutiny and the Act is expected in autumn 2019.

The initial consultation highlighted that not all of the change required to reform planning could be legislated for. It requires behavioural changes from those involved in the planning process if it is to nurture places and guide future change so that it benefits everyone.

The Planning Skills Programme has an important contribution to make in developing and sharing the required skills, knowledge and behaviour. We are working closely with the Partners in Planning Forum which informed the RTPI research paper 'Developing Skills, Behaviours and Knowledge to Deliver Outcomes' on mainstreaming the changes that sit beside the legislation.

Trevor Moffat - Project Officer, Planning Skills
Susan Rintoul - Planning Project Officer