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Improving Outcomes in Money Advice - improving the impact of Scotland's money advice services

Improving Outcomes in Money Advice

The Improving Outcomes in Money Advice (MAO) project, which is funded by the Money Advice Service and Improvement Service, aims to improve the impact of Scotland's money advice services, offering support to local authorities and partners in this process. The project is now in its fourth phase, continuing to drive improvements across the money advice sector in Scotland.


Key project activities underway in 2018/19 include:


  • Publication of the first Common Advice Performance Management Framework (CAPMF), following the inclusion of welfare rights advice indicators, which reports on the performance of welfare and money advice services funded by Scottish local authorities. Formerly, the framework was known as the Money Advice Performance Management Framework (MAPMF).
  • Supporting the embedding of the principles of the Framework for Public Funding of Advice in both funders' and providers' practice.
  • Production of guidance for local authorities to promote and support the delivery of financial capability interventions
  • Coordination and provision of support for the Scottish Financial Education Forum
  • Reporting on the current position of local authority-funded advice services and highlighting the potential impact of future legislation and policy initiatives on the provision of advice
  • Identification of measures to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of advice services by increasing channel choice for customers and the co-location of advice services


Achievements of the project to date include:


  • Launch of the Framework for Public Funding of Advice, in partnership with the Scottish Legal Aid Board and Scottish Government in 2015, offering a new approach to funding advice services based on agreed principles
  • Implementation of the Money Advice Performance Management Framework (MAPMF), with the publication of annual reports on the performance of money advice services funded and operated by Scottish local authorities for the financial years of 2014/15, 2015/16, and 2016/17
  • Social Return on Investment (SROI) report on the benefits of embedding advice services in medical practices, highlighting how this model represents an effective method via which to deliver early interventions for the most vulnerable individuals in society, which was shortlisted for a LARIA Research Impact Award for ‘best use of local area research’
  • Production of a strategy and action plan, in partnership with key stakeholders, on the future of money advice services in Scotland
  • Promotion of the importance of financial capability via the publication of a number of case studies highlighting good practice and supporting local authority engagement with the Scottish Financial Capability Week
  • Publication of a research overview detailing the procedures via which local authorities currently monitor the quality of advice provided and performance of the money advice services that they fund
  • Publication of a report on the customer journey to money advice - in partnership with Parkhead Citizens Advice Bureau, Money Matters (Glasgow), and Citizens Advice and Rights Fife – highlighting the barriers experienced by service users when accessing advice services, alongside good practice


An evaluation of the project in 2017-18 is now available.


Project Advisory Board

The MAO project is overseen by a Project Advisory Board including representatives from Scottish local authorities, Accountant in Bankruptcy, Citizens Advice Scotland, COSLA, Money Advice Scotland, Money Advice Service, NHS Scotland, ScotCash, Scottish Legal Aid Board, StepChange, and the University of Edinburgh.


Sandra Sankey

Project Manager

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