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Linking Community and Spatial Planning

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Closer working between local service providers to improve outcomes for communities is the foundation of successful community planning. New requirements introduced through the Community Empowerment Act have implications for the spatial planning role undertaken by local authorities. Community planning partners are gearing themselves up to consider how they can knit together the requirements of the Act with existing statutory requirements for spatial planning to prepare Local Development Plans.


The recent consultation on the future of the Scottish planning system, 'Places, people and planning', proposes an enhanced role for planning so it "can nurture our places, our environment and our communities". It makes a specific proposal to align community planning and spatial planning suggesting a statutory link between the development plan and community planning and planners becoming key community planning partners.


The Improvement Service recognises that planning has a vital role in the collaborative working required to deliver better places and outcomes. The full IS response to the consultation reflects that, through the Community Empowerment Act, planning authorities should already be contributing the development of Local Outcome Improvement Plans and Locality Plans.


Improvement Service events bringing together community and spatial planners have identified three key priorities to enable more collaboration between the two:


  • strong leadership support at Chief Executive level
  • joining up engagement processes
  • more cross-disciplinary opportunities to talk.


You can see some of the presentations from those events below.


For more information or to contribute your thoughts, please contact Irene Beautyman.

Linking Community and Spatial Planning

Colin Mair

Chief Executive, Improvement Service

Linking Community and Spatial Planning

David Martin

Chief Executive, Dundee City Council

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