Place and Wellbeing Assessment

A Place and Wellbeing Assessment brings together a group of stakeholders to inform decision-making by identifying how a plan, policy or proposal will affect a place and its impact on the wellbeing of people and planet.

It provides a means to take a place-based approach and activate the Place Principle within a plan, strategy or proposal. The Shaping Places for Wellbeing Programme launched the use of the assessments as an integral part of its ambition to improve Scotland’s wellbeing by reducing the significant inequality in the health and wellbeing of its people.

With so many stakeholders involved in every place, this can be a challenging ask. The programme uses Place and Wellbeing Assessments to address this challenge, by offering a starting process to support decision-makers in raising awareness of their impact on place.

Each Place and Wellbeing Assessment ends with the production of a report recommending how a more place-based approach can be taken. Take a look at our completed Place and Wellbeing Assessments and reports across our Project Towns so far on the Place and Wellbeing Assessment - Our Work So Far webpage.

Place and Wellbeing Assessment: How To Guide

The Place and Wellbeing Assessment: How to Guide sets out the context to consider whether to undertake a Place and Wellbeing Assessment as well as being a practical guide to the process of completing one.

The guide assumes that users already have some basic understanding of the impact of the places where we live, work and play on the wellbeing of people, the planet and reducing inequalities. An understanding of the contribution of the Place and Wellbeing Outcomes to improve places is also helpful. The guide highlights how to use the Place and Wellbeing Outcomes to enhance our consideration of place when making decisions that impact upon it.

Download the Place and Wellbeing Assessment: How To Guide

Video: Introduction to the Place and Wellbeing Assessments

Susan Rintoul, Project Lead for Dalkeith, explains the importance of considering place in decision-making processes, why Place and Wellbeing Assessments are used within the Shaping Places for Wellbeing Programme and what the process of undertaking a Place and Wellbeing Assessment is.

Irene Beautyman - Place and Wellbeing Partnership Lead