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The Spatial Hub is an online resource that provides a single point of access to quality-assured Scottish local authority data, in a consistent format. It is developed, operated and managed by the Spatial Information Service (SIS).


Every local and national park authority provides data to the Spatial Hub where it is conflated into standardised and up-to-date national datasets, delivered as web services.


As well as developing the infrastructure and processes to accommodate this local government data, SIS have also developed a series of different licences (with associated terms and conditions) that enables data sharing with each sector or organisation.


 This benefits local authorities by:


  • Saving them time, money and effort in preparing and publishing their data themselves to required specifications e.g. those expected under the EU INSPIRE directive.
  • Reducing the resources needed to answer standard Freedom of Information requests regarding spatial data.
  • Exposing their data to a far larger community that can use it for many more uses than it was initially intended for – which in turn Increases the inherent value of the data and the work of data creators/ providers


Benefits to the wider society are:


  • that there are is now easy and efficient access to consistent national datasets of local government data, that they can use for numerous purposes
  • the potential for innovation and new business ideas, that could ultimately help improve public services and communities.


The Spatial Hub was launched in 2016 and covers such data themes as planning, administrative boundaries, environmental, transport and community facilities. Ultimately, the Spatial Hub should collate and publish any spatial data that local authorities systematically create, which warrants a national perspective.


Download: What is the Spatial Hub? (PDF)

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