Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is about understanding the future strategic direction of the organisation and the demand for different types of skills and seeking to match this with supply. Effective workforce planning is an important tool to help councils maximise their resources and build current and future capacity in a structured and planned way in order to meet outcomes.

It can help:

  • deliver improved services by linking corporate strategy to people plans
  • retain employees and manage reductions in the workforce more strategically
  • future proof the skills mix of the workforce by ensuring that skills are aligned to new requirements
  • determine how many employees there are, how many will be needed and in what areas
  • better manage supply at national, regional and local levels to meet demand
  • collaborate to increase the supply of specific skills and specific types of workers
  • manage employment expenditure by anticipating changes
  • provide information to predict and address peaks and troughs in supply and demand for specific skills.
Amanda Spark - Programme Manager, Organisational Development