National Entitlement Card

The National Entitlement Card (NEC) is a smartcard used to provide public services to Scottish residents. It is best known for providing access to Transport Scotland's national concessionary travel scheme for older and disabled people and Young Scot but offers access to a range of other services such as libraries and leisure. Over 2.2 million people in Scotland possess a National Entitlement Card.

The National Entitlement Card Programme Office (NECPO) was set up to deliver a managed service that supports the 32 local authorities and provides guidance and assistance with other potential developments and partners. The Improvement Service provides overall governance for the card programme and appointed Dundee City Council to lead NECPO.

NECPO provides the following services:

  • Delivery and management of the NEC scheme including procurement of core NEC Scheme components (national card management system, NEC Online, smartcards and their production)
  • Support, guidance and standard protocols for all Scottish local authorities and their authorised agents for data validation, verification and authentication processes
  • Assistance with potential developments for the use of the National Entitlement Card
  • Development and roll out of multi-application entitlements to services for all Scottish citizens, ensuring all services are available to participating parties

The NECPO team is currently working with several local authorities and partners to increase the services using the card, the application process and the available data potential in line with the national digital strategy. Further information on the NEC is available at

NEC Programme Office