Improving Outcomes in Money Advice Project (Scotland)

The Improvement Service, previously in partnership with the Money Advice Service, funded and delivered the Improving Outcomes in Money Advice. This was a successful partnership over a six-year period which helped to improve the impact of Scotland’s money advice services, offering support to local authorities and partners in the process.

With the project now complete, the resulting improvements continue to drive improvements across the money advice sector in Scotland.

Some of the key activities and achievements included:

  • Publication of a Framework for Public Funding of Advice and support to key stakeholders to help embed the key principles of the framework
  • Leading the collation and analysis of data and publication of the Common Advice Performance Management Reporting Framework
  • Supporting the delivery of financial wellbeing and financial capability interventions across multiple organisations
  • Coordination and provision of the Scottish Financial Education Forum
  • Production of various learning point papers and case studies to share knowledge and good practice
  • Support to improve and strengthen the partnership working across the sector
  • Coordination and delivery of multiple stakeholder events sharing good practice and improving collaboration
  • Various research papers and an evaluation of the project
  • Coordination of a project advisory board including representatives from Scottish local authorities, Accountant in Bankruptcy, Citizens Advice Scotland, COSLA, Money Advice Scotland, Money Advice Service, NHS Scotland, ScotCash, Scottish Legal Aid Board, StepChange, and the University of Edinburgh.
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