Organisational Development

Organisational development (OD) supports transformational and cultural change.

OD is a whole system approach to change, it is not about quick-fix solutions but takes a long-term holistic approach to improving organisational performance and effectiveness. This is achieved through building the capacity to work more innovatively and collaboratively in order to achieve the organisation’s strategic goals.

The principles we work by are:

  • A focus on improved outcomes and tackling inequalities.
  • The need for public services to work together.
  • Using joint approaches to prevention,
  • The need to deliver integrated services.

OD uses interventions to make system-wide, permanent changes in the organisation. Some of these include:

  • building continuous learning and embedding reflective practice in the organisation
  • large-scale change interventions
  • systems thinking
  • dialogue practice
  • appreciative inquiry
  • action inquiry
  • coaching
  • collaborative leadership development

IS support

The IS provides:

  • direct support to build capacity to use different OD interventions
  • supporting councils with their leadership development
  • links to experienced people in other organisations who can support learning
  • opportunity to learn and share practice through the local authority OD network
  • elected member development

With our partners at Collective Leadership for Scotland we provide support for collective leadership facilitation and practices

    For more information on or support with any of these issues, contact Amanda Spark or David Barr.

    Amanda Spark - Programme Manager, Organisational Development
    David Barr - Project Manager, Organisational Development