Coaching for Elected Members

The Improvement Service have developed a coaching offer for senior elected members in Scottish local government. This offer provides senior elected members with easy access to 1-1 executive coaching.

A coaching framework has been developed so that coaching:

  • can be easily accessed
  • is cost effective
  • of high quality
  • is evaluated and refined to ensure it is fit for purpose

Why Coaching?

Coaching provides elected members with a confidential space, with a qualified, professional and impartial coach that will support and challenge them to achieve greater impact in their role as an elected member.

There is strong evidence and research1 that shows coaching has a positive effect on skill development, mood and motivation, but most significantly the biggest effect is on performance improvement.

Coaching is delivered 1-1 and is thus tailored to the goals of an individual. As such, coaching offers a flexible development opportunity that is arranged around the commitments of the elected member. Although most coaching relationships involve face-to-face meetings, coaching doesn’t have to be done in person all the time and some coaching relationships occur entirely via telephone or video conferencing.

Coaching is not a one-off intervention and to be effective at improving performance we recommend a coaching relationship consists of a block of 4-6 sessions around 2 hours long, over a period of 6-12 months at times that suit you.

1. Rebecca J. Jones, Stephen A. Woods and Yves R. F. Guillaume (2015). The effectiveness of workplace coaching: A meta-analysis of learning and performance outcomes from coaching. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, ISSN Online: 2044-8325.

David Barr - Project Manager, Organisational Development