Previous Climate Change Events

We host climate change events and workshops for elected members and local government staff.

Take a look at some of them below.

Networking our Networks to understand the "Green Recovery"

On 12 May 2021, the Improvement Service, the Scottish Local Authorities Economic Development Group (SLAED) and the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) hosted a workshop to explore what the “green economic recovery” looks like in practice for local government officers working on these priorities.

Over 50 people from 33 organisations attended the interactive session, which brought together officers from economic development and climate change alongside national organisations and Scottish Government to discuss what a sustainable recovery from COVID-19 could look like. It provided an opportunity to share ideas, projects and challenges, and explore ways to navigate and overcome barriers.

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The Green Recovery and Net Zero - Elected Member Webinar

Local Government is essential to a “green recovery” from COVID-19 and the transition to Net Zero offers potential wide ranging benefits: improving health, reducing inequalities and creating better environments. This webinar looked at the role of elected members in delivering a sustainable future.

Cllr Aitken from Glasgow City Council opened the event with a call to action to be part of the global attention and platform that COP26 brings, and use this to drive local action. Climate change needs to be mainstreamed, connected to lives, communities and the economy and climate justice must be a core element of service and delivery. Financing the transition is a key area for development, exploring innovative cooperation for large scale intervention and ensuring sufficient autonomy for Local Government around powers and funding.

Cllr Vettraino then presented the wide ranging work undertaken by Fife Council to embed climate change across council activity from training and engagement, to infrastructure, transport and recycling. The pace of change is challenging but Fife has committed to a region that is climate friendly, climate ready and climate just, demonstrating a holistic and pragmatic approach.

Both presentations emphasised the central role that elected members have in leading, shaping and developing this agenda, acting as “champions” for climate action.

In the Q&A and discussion that followed, key themes emerged around finance, education/awareness and community engagement. This will shape work by the Improvement Service moving forward.

Judi Kilgallon - Capacity Building Manager, Climate Change