Scottish Climate Intelligence Service
The Scottish Climate Intelligence Service is jointly funded by Scottish Government and local government to help councils build capacity and capability for the development of area-wide programmes of emissions reduction, to deliver their own area-wide net zero targets and to contribute to Scotland’s national commitment to net zero by 2045.
SCIS is a capacity-building programme service with both a national digital platform and a support service co-designed with its stakeholders. The platform will collate area-wide emissions data to build a baseline of emissions and calculate and visualise the emission reductions of the actions and projects local authorities have to deliver their area-wide emissions reduction strategies.

The service will support local authorities in building the skills, knowledge, and influence to use this data to enable planning, monitoring and delivery of climate action at the scale and pace required for achieving net zero targets.

Activity is delivered by a partnership between Edinburgh Climate Change Institute and the Improvement Service. This partnership brings together expert knowledge and practitioner insights, a track record of successfully supporting local authorities and access to existing networks to engage stakeholders and progress actions.

Contact Judi for more information.

Judi Kilgallon - Capacity Building Manager, Climate Change