Scottish Cities Alliance Elected Members Net Zero Training

The Scottish Cities Alliance, supported by the Improvement Service and Three Point Five, delivered a Net Zero training programme for elected members in Scottish cities as part of the Alliance Net Zero Peer-to-Peer Network.

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The programme aimed to build understanding around the net zero agenda and confidence in decision-making at a local level to deliver the shared commitment and ambitions on our transition to net zero nation by 2045.

The training used the Carbon Literacy Project’s new toolkit, developed specifically for elected members, which was adapted to take the Scottish context into consideration.

Following the sessions, participants will have:

  • gained an understanding of the basic science of climate change and how climate change will affect us both globally and locally
  • gained an understanding of how elected members can mobilise change
  • explored the low carbon objectives in the local government sector
  • created an action plan to help reduce the carbon footprint of their local authority
  • explored strategies for influencing others to take action on climate change.

Feedback from elected members who participated in training offered last year with Keep Scotland Beautiful can be found below.

Carbon Literacy for Elected Members: Our Story
Judi Kilgallon - Capacity Building Manager, Climate Change