Strategic Framework 2023-2027

Measuring Our Impact

We are acutely aware of the importance of understanding and being able to evidence that our work adds value and creates lasting impact.

We will seek feedback from our customers and partners on our contribution and impact in a variety of ways, including through our annual stakeholder survey and local authority relationship management service.

We face a perennial challenge of being able to attribute impact as a result of our support, and then placing a financial value on the resultant cost savings. We often support or enable local authorities and partners to review and improve the activities they deliver, which ultimately results in improved outcomes for people and communities.

Despite the difficulties, given the current financial pressures under which local government is operating, we are committed to improving our approach to measuring and reporting on our impact across the lifetime of this Strategic Framework. This will include progressing work to better evidence value-for-money and to demonstrate, where possible, what our activities are worth in financial terms.

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