Leadership Practitioner Forum

The Leadership Practitioner Forum is a network for aspiring Chief Executives, Directors and Heads of Service led and supported by the Improvement Service with current local authority Chief Executives.

Members of the Leadership Practitioner Forum attend a series of events that focus on the anchors and associated workstreams of the transformation programme, bringing colleagues together to explore topics and challenges.

These events and the wider Forum will also provide an opportunity for members to contribute to the development of the six anchors and answer key questions about the direction of the transformation programme and how it can progress.

Getting involved with the Leadership Practitioner Forum is a great way to ensure that this radical transformation programme aligns with the priorities of your council or Community Planning Partnership (CPP).

Forum members can expect to:

  • Support leaders to capitalise on their professional agency and lead courageously
  • Generate ideas and energy for the anchors and associated workstreams, expanding our thinking
  • Build collective solutions
  • Inspire and motivate colleagues to progress their ideas
  • Network and build relationships with colleagues across different councils

If you are interested in getting involved with the Leadership Practitioner Forum, please email Amanda Spark for more information.