Support for CPPs: Facilitation and Consultancy

The Improvement Service offers facilitation support at many different levels, including:

  • supporting round table conversations
  • assisting collaborative teams working beyond single organisations at a senior level to address complex systemic issues
  • supporting organisations and partnerships to work toward improvement.

This involves developing and sustaining high-quality relationships fostered by authenticity, openness and trust. Facilitators use a variety of methods which can include approaches like co-operative learning, graphic facilitation, open space technology, dialogue work and action inquiry.

The IS currently works with local authorities, at different levels within CPPs, TSIs, “Place” Boards and has a sound knowledge of local and national priorities and challenges. Our consultancy support may include bespoke facilitation but seeks to determine the most appropriate intervention, identifying and mobilising those who are best placed to offer what is required, drawing from a wide variety of expertise and skill.

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