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We deliver a range of products that are available to all councils, focused on data and analysis, digital public services, learning and development, online tools and collaboration and performance management and indicators. A full list of our products is below.


Digital Public Services


A  simple and secure sign-in service for businesses in Scotland using online public services.


Data Hub

Data Hub is an online data matching and cleansing solution for the Scottish public sector.



myaccount is the simple and secure sign-in service for online public services in Scotland.


National Entitlement Card

The National Entitlement Card (NEC) is a smartcard used to provide public services to Scottish residents.


National Street Gazetteer

The definitive road network including asset and maintenance information.


One Scotland Gazetteer

A database of addresses of land and property in Scotland, maintained by all 32 Scottish councils.

Enabling and creating a digital relationship between parents, pupils and schools


Spatial Hub

Spatial Hub provides a single point of access to quality assured Scottish local authority data in a consistent format.



Scotland's national public information notices portal, allowing public notices from across Scotland to be published in a single online location.


Knowledge Management and Collaboration

Innovation Exchange

A joint IS /SOLACE Scotland project that highlights innovative work being carried out in communities across Scotland.


Knowledge Hub

The UK's largest public service collaboration platform. We offer access and support to all Scottish public service organisations.


Learning and Development

CPD Framework for Elected Members

A continuous professional development framework for Scottish councillors developed by the IS in partnership with local government.


Community Planning Partnership Board Member Guidance

This series of notebooks provides information, guidance and support to Community Planning Partnership (CPP) Board members.


Customer Service Professional

A customer service qualification developed for councils by councils.


Elected Members' Induction Materials

A series of notebooks providing councillors with information, support and guidance to help them fulfil their role as elected members.


Elected Members Guidance and Briefings

A Briefing Series developed by the IS to help elected members keep apace with key issues affecting local government.


Performance Management and Indicators

Community Planning Outcomes Profile

A benchmarking programme to help Community Planning Partnerships assess their performance and identify opportunities for improvement.


Customer Satisfaction Measurement Tool

A national standard for local government and its partners to evaluate the performance of the services they deliver.


Local Government Benchmarking Framework

LGBF brings together a wide range of information about how all Scottish councils perform in delivering services to local communities.


Menu of Local Outcome Indicators

The menu of indicators reflects the main outcome areas included within SOAs and the most relevant and robust outcome indicators available.


Money Advice Performance Management Framework

A performance management framework designed to measure the performance and impact of council-funded money and debt advice services.


Public Service Improvement Framework

A performance improvement model which encourages organisations to review their own activities and results.



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